Free Software You Should Download to Improve Your Computer Usage Experience

Leo Lee
Fancy some free software you can use to improve your computer usage experience? Here’s some freeware you should check out. 1. Photorec – Recover lost files, including videos and documents, from your hard drive, CD-ROMS, and lost pictures from your memory card. 2. F.lux – F.lux makes your computer’s color display change based on the time...

6 Legit and Free Apps Every Student Should Have

How awesome it is to be a student these days! There are all kinds of apps out there to help us to be efficient but there’s also a lot of junk too. Because our school days can get a little rough, having carefully selected some of the best educational tools out there to use in...

The First Time Scientists Use CRISPR on a Human

Whoa! A group of scientists from the People’s Republic of China has successfully injected a living person with cells genetically modified using CRISPR technology. Just last week, we learned that a team led by oncologist Lu You at Sichuan University in Chengdu, injected modified cells into a patient with aggressive lung cancer as part of...
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From Freelancer As a Kid to Teen Startup Cofounder

Jackson left his hometown in Oklahoma City two years ago for Silicon Valley to become the startup cofounder of Wealthcoin. Jackson Greathouse Fall is a 19 year old cofounder of startup Wealthcoin, an app that allows us to use bitcoin to invest in the stock market. Along with other cofounders of the app, Simon and...

Amazon Stock Price Hit All Time High Of $800 Per Share

Having been on a three-quarter profit streak, Amazon has been unstoppable. With $386 billion in market cap, it goes to show that Jeff Bezos’s forward thinking approach to growing its cloud computing arm, the Amazon Web Services, is a big success. We also can’t overlook at how much of a success Amazon Prime has been...

Snapchat Inc is Now Snap Inc Selling More Than Just App Services

If there’s anything to learn about successful companies, it is continualcreativity. Just look at Snap, Inc for example, a company formerly known as the app maker Snapchat, Inc, and is now expanding its horizons with the soon-to-be-introduced Spectaclesa set of electronic sunglasses that has an in-built video camera allowing users to record 10-second snippets of...

One Reason The iPhone 7 Still Reigns

As with most Apple launches, thebuzz ahead of Wednesday’s huge event continued into the launch. Today, we saw the introduction of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and as far as we Apple fans are concerned, it is the firstgaming phone without a headphone jack! Here’s simply why we said it The A10 Fusion...

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