11 Important Things To Know Before Visiting Europe

No matter how many times we visit Europe, there are some weird European traditions that we simply cannot get used to. Lately, there has been a lot of America and Asia bashing and yet there was nothing on Europe. Guess what, Europe? We are equally confused by Europe and a lot of things Europeans do!...

15 Outrageous Halloween Outfits That People Are Still Wearing

Whether you like it or not, Halloween is probably the best holiday ever. And while the yearly holiday gives us plenty reasons to doll up and have some fun with our friends and family before it gets too cold out, year after year, there’s always that standard group of people donning the typical outrageous outfits....
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Successful White People Who Immigrated to Asia for Good

For many of us in the West, it’s been a dream to live and work in developed Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. The exoticness, low crime rate, low tax rate, the transportation system and especially the food, have attracted an ever-growing number of white people to look into becoming permanent residents and...
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Adorable Preemie Babies Galore

As we go about our daily lives, babies around the country are born prematurely. Mothers are scared and confused, determined not to miss a second with her little one. Preemie babies already have a different set of challenges to face and we’re happy to see many mothers posting pictures of their preemie babies getting stronger...
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Cute Smiling Preemie Baby Inspires Many

How often do we see a cute smiling preemie baby? Freya Vinje was just 5 days old when this photograph of her was taken. The beautifully taken photograph was posted on the Facebook group Love What Matters, where users share inspiring relationship stories. In the post, Lauren wrote: “Our first daughter at five days old....
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Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture Opens To A Grand Fanfare

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture would not have been possible if not for the artifacts, documents, and other items that make up the museum’s collection. For the past eight years, curators and team members worked together to assemble artifacts that reflect periods of African-American history. We are jealous we weren’t...

Was This Driver Just Having Fun Or Acting Like An Ass?

A guy was walking around Soho, NYC when he stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Spider with a cop writing a ticket next to it. He later spotted the driver getting into his Ferrari and attempting to drive off. Before he was able to drive off however, the police officer writing the ticket, pulled the driver...

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