Top 10 Foods That May Help You In The Bedroom

Have you ever felt like the greatest sex warrior ever only to falter midway just because your body ain’t able? Dehydration sets in, a random body part starts to cramp up and things can go downhill very quickly in the bedroom. Maybe its just sleep you need or maybe its the partner. Either way, you’re...

The First Time Scientists Use CRISPR on a Human

Whoa! A group of scientists from the People’s Republic of China has successfully injected a living person with cells genetically modified using CRISPR technology. Just last week, we learned that a team led by oncologist Lu You at Sichuan University in Chengdu, injected modified cells into a patient with aggressive lung cancer as part of...
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15 Outrageous Halloween Outfits That People Are Still Wearing

Whether you like it or not, Halloween is probably the best holiday ever. And while the yearly holiday gives us plenty reasons to doll up and have some fun with our friends and family before it gets too cold out, year after year, there’s always that standard group of people donning the typical outrageous outfits....
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Peruvian Mountain Lion Freed After 20 Years in Captivity

This might not sound like news to you but a mountain lion who spent 20 years captured and was part of a cruel traveling circus; was released into a sanctuary in his natural environment, only to die just months later. While Peruvian law bans wild animals from performing in circuses, most circuses do it anyway,...

Meet The Playboy Playmate With The Ultimate Yellow Fever

How often do you see an Asian male being described as masculine and hot? Not as often as Africans or Caucasians, that’s for sure. How often do you hear of someone describing their exclusive desire for dating hot asian men? Not frequently we believe. It’s no secret that Asian males are consistently emasculated in the...
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