Hatchimals for the Win!

Get them while you can.

Christmas is about a month away but shoppers are starting to freak out because Hatchimals, one of this year’s top-selling toys, are selling out globally.

If you have been living in a cave and don’t know what hatchimals are, hatchimals are eggs that hatch into five different “species” of furry animals like Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles, and Bearakeets.


When a consumer buys a Hatchimal, the toy comes in the form of a large, speckled egg. It eventually starts to make adorable noises, and the more we interact with it via touch and sound, the faster it hatches from the egg. Once hatched, kids can teach it how to walk, talk and play using specific phrases. How cool is that?!

“Hatchimals incorporate the very best elements of nurturing play with the interactivity of robotics in a truly innovative and entertaining way,” Ben Varadi, Spin Master Toronto’s chief creative officer, said in a press release.

See what happens when a kid sees a Hatchimal for the first time

Hatchimal is now part of the family


Where to buy them?

In case you are wondering how to get these cute toys, the retail value for a Hatchimal at a Toys R Us or Walmart is $59.99; but consumers are selling these novelties at a higher than retail price online on sites like eBay and Amazon.


For a full video review, check out this one below.

Hatchimals for the Win!

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