6 Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday

Sleep, hydration and more to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Do you ever find that you are not the compassionate, patient perfect person you believe yourself to be? Have you ever felt your temper flare up when another driver cuts you off in traffic? Are you surprised at how easily irritated you get in the presence of a specific coworker? They are usually the result of unappreciated triggers in our environment and sometimes rectifying those problems are easier than you think.

Here’s 6 questions we should ask ourselves everyday for a better life.

1. Are you sleeping well?

This is a big one. Are you sure you are having the right amount of sleep each day? Experts recommend at least 7-8 uninterrupted hours of comfortable sleep. Try shutting off any technology an hour before bed. Trading the mobile phone for a Kindle Fire can make a big difference.

2. Are you exercising regularly?

It can be reeeeal tough to get a workout in when you’re tired, and it can be really easy to blame something else for not exercising (I haven’t joined a gym yet, I’m too busy with work, etc.). While you probably shouldn’t compromise sleep, fitting in 30 minutes can actually help you feel more energized.

3. Are you hydrating?

This one is often overlooked. Not only does the amount of clean water we drink affect our energy levels (aim for more than you think you need), but the amount of other stuff we drink does, too. I love my Thai tea, but I know when I have more than one or two cups a day, it affects my shut-eye. Too much caffeine can lead to a massive crash when you’re already tired. If you feel reliant on it, try going one week with a cup less than your regular amount, and then another week with another cup less. See how it affects your sleep, and stick to that intake no matter how exhausted you feel.

4. Are you saying “no” to things that drain you?

We’ve talked about the importance of saying “no” and why it matters for your well-being, but this doesn’t exclusively apply to activities or events. This could also include things that are mentally draining, like toxic relationships (is every conversation tiresome?) or stressful work situations (are you always working weekends?).

5. Are you eating well?

I know … duh. But you’d be surprised at how much a lack of sleep affects our eating habits. That means, when you’re tired you are prone to eating poorly, which leads to a vicious cycle since eating poorly affects the ability to sleep well. Bottom line? Cut back on sugar as much possible. If you’re really struggling, eliminating gluten can help with energy, and of course, our old pal alcohol plays a major role here. The more you drink, the less energy you’ll have (…the next day that is. You’ll be just fine powering through that karaoke duet.)

6. Is your home clean and clutter-free?

This may have a bigger effect than you anticipate. If any space you live in, work in, or spend time in is cluttered, it can really drain your energy, no matter how Type A or B you lean (and that’s coming from a serious B-er). It’s a quick fix that’s majorly worth it: clear out all the crap.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday

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